The Best Biking Games That Never Grow Old

Almost all parents think that riding bikes is strictly something that only bigger kids can do, and that concern is justified. A thousand things can go wrong even when riding motor bikes on simple trails, what more on race tracks. One way to indulge a kid’s love for bikes Top Gears and the excitement of riding them is to let them play bike games. These games let them race around a track against other riders or drive over mountains and other terrain safely, and all within the comforts of their very own room.

• Jumpy Ride: This game revolves around Pappu the Squirrel which you control as he heads to the village on his motor bike. The game is very easy and even children as young as 4 years old can enjoy this game. The space bar is the sole control button for the game; tapping it before you reach the obstacles on the road will make your motor bike fly over it and safely land on the other side. But if your timing is wrong, you’ll crash and the bike breaks into several pieces. Player wins if he or she reaches the village without crashing.

• Mini-Bike: This is a fun ride with lots of jumps and other challenges. The motor bike is controlled using your PC’s arrow keys. It makes the bike go forwards or backwards and lets you jump over the obstacles that litter the course. Players can earn bonuses during jumps. There are also tools that increase health but a crash will send you back to the beginning of the course. As one progresses in the game, the courses become harder so players should jump higher and do tricks for additional points. The game might prove very challenging for very young players, but children 7 years old and up can definitely have fun with Mini-Bike.

• Motorcycle Tycoon: This is the perfect game for players who want to build motorcycles, not just ride them. The aim is to become a tycoon by designing and building motorcycles so players will be thinking up bike designs, buying and assembling the parts of various motorcycles. The more money you earn, the bigger your business grows. Aside from building motorcycles, you also need to enter them in competitions during Race Day. Like real life, players earn money by riding in races and winning. You win the game if you manage to win four races in one day.

• Super Bike X: A free online flash game, it can be downloaded and played on a Windows XP or higher PC. The game is for much older players who have the option to choose their bikes and customize its looks to reflect their personalities. The goal is for players to finish the courses while maintaining their balance on their bikes. Players use the keyboard’s direction buttons to control the bike and its driver.