Swedish Massage and Ayurvedic Massage – Which One is For You?

Notwithstanding fostering an adoration for knead quite early in life, the old Indian specialty of Ayurvedic rub is as yet a generally new idea to me… a year-old idea, to be precise. Given it’s been around for north of 5000 years and I’ve been around for 33 of those years, I’m truly confused with regards to how I’d never at any point known about it until the year before. One almost certain clarification is that it’s simply not that accessible here in the UK; a straightforward Google search emphatically proposes that, at any rate.

Thus, for those in a comparative boat to I was a year prior I will attempt to keep my clarification of Ayurvedic back rub to the nuts and bolts with the goal that you just remove what you want to be aware…


Ayurvedic knead is a sort of back rub treatment that started in old India a long time back. It falls under the more extensive umbrella of ‘Ayurveda’, which is the name given to the conventional type of normal medication that is still usually rehearsed in India today; rub treatment being only one component. Ayurveda sees the body and psyche as firmly associated thus the entirety of its treatment methods – including knead treatment – utilize a comprehensive methodology and viewpoint. As per Ayurveda we are totally brought into the world with an ayurvedic treatment dubai exceptional, ideal constitution, and after some time that constitution is shaken and uneven by different man-made factors; specifically the burdens, strains and schedules of day to day existence. With the assistance of Ayurvedic knead we can evidently assist with reestablishing our constitutions to their ideal state; accordingly accomplishing wellbeing and prosperity. Despite the fact that Ayurvedic knead generally frames a piece of a far reaching, custom fitted treatment plan, in western culture it is presently frequently delighted in basically for its sumptuous, loosening up properties.


Ayurvedic knead types can differ enormously as far as their technique and essential advantage yet the ideal impact is eventually no different for all; to work on one’s prosperity. Numerous Ayurvedic kneads utilize warm, sustaining oil that is rubbed into the skin utilizing slow, musical strokes while others will utilize powdered spices to shed the skin, leaving it looking brilliant. The other ‘normal’ strategy is to utilize warm, spice filled material sacks to calm region of the body where agony or inconvenience is capable; a method generally utilized on fighters during the conflict.

For the individuals who aren’t so OK with stripping down to their smalls, Ayurvedic back rub can be done on only the feet and calves, the hands, the back and shoulders, the face, or the head (‘Indian head knead’).