Satta King 786 Online Result

The satta king online result is an important part of the game. It is a lottery where the winner is determined by chance and the loser is determined by luck. In order to know the exact results, you should read  reviews and compare them to the actual results to make sure you’re playing the best game. In this article, we’ll explore the different aspects of satta kiang.

Satta king result based

The Satta king result is based on a myth. The first legend is that the river Ganges flowed by the land of Nanda (Indus River), where Lord Krishna placed a gold satta. The satta Satta king game symbolized the pleasure associated with the river’s water. After this, the river started flowing towards Delhi and the Satta kiang was declared the winner.

The Satta king result is based on a story of a legendary river. The Nanda, now known as the Indus River, was a huge river flowing from India to China. The river was named after Lord Krishna and was filled with pleasure. As the water filled with ghettos, Lord Krishna placed a gold satta on the bank of the Ganges, symbolizing the pleasure associated with the river’s waters. The river then started to flow towards Delhi, and Lord Krishna placed the gold satta there.

HARUF single digit number

In the Satta king games, the GOTI is the number that is selected. The Jodi is any two digit number. It is called as a GOTI in English. HARUF is a single digit number eighter on a once- or twice-place. The 0 and 8 are both harufs. The HARUF in a tense place is called Bahar or Ander, and HARUF in one-place is called the KEY.

The GOTI website offers a lot of information regarding Satta king. It also features the record page for each game. The record chart displays the past results of the Satta king game. It also contains the date and time when the Satta king game will open. Its timings are fixed and should be followed to get the latest results. The Satta keg record chart is an important part of Satta king. It’s vital for you to know the outcome of the upcoming games.

Pleasure associated with river waters

The Satta king online result is based on the legend of the Ganges. The river was named Nanda at that time, but later became the Indus River. The Lord Krishna walked down the river and placed a gold satta on its banks. This golden satta symbolizes the pleasure associated with river waters. After Lord Krishna placed the satta on the bank of the Ganges, the river began to flow towards the capital of Delhi.

The Satta king online result page contains all the previous game’s results. A satta king record page is also a good resource for comparing previous games. It is helpful to compare a few games side by side, but it is a must to compare the results of different games to see which one has the better chance of winning. There’s no harm in comparing the results of the last few weeks.

Online satta king result

The satta king online result is based on the legend of the Ganges. During the time of the ancient times, the Nanda was the main river in the country. Later, it became the Indus River, which we now call the Ganges. The Satta king was placed on the bank of the river by Lord Krishna as a symbol of pleasure associated with the river.

In Satta king games, the Jodi and the HARUF are two digit numbers that are chosen for the draw. In the previous version, the haruf was the king who won the game, but the satta karana record chart contains the theoretical results of the past years. The haruf is the one who won the game. It is the highest prize in the game.


The Satta king lottery is the most popular Matka game in India. With only a small amount of capital, you can start playing Satta king at any time of the day. The rules are simple and the game is played in many parts of the country. The king will win the game if his guess matches the numbers of the other players. It will be worth the effort to check the result on the official website.